Tuesday, August 20, 2013

IT Positions Overseas

OVERSEAS $200K+ Information Technology (IT) Positions Available (Middle East)

We have several jobs available for immediate opening in the Information Technology (IT) Field.

There are several openings with various opportunities in IT. The pay is approximately $650 per

day (320 working days) (Approx. $208,000 per year with tax free incentives). You must be able

to obtain and hold a secret clearance. If you have experience in the IT arena and this seems to be

something you are interested in please email me at beck74@aol.com for more info. Please attach

a resume that matches or pertains to the following duties:

Principal Duties.

• Monitoring, analyzing, tuning, and implementing necessary changes in resource utilization of

the AMN

• Managing demand for computing resources, which requires an understanding of operational

Mission Thread priorities

• Modeling to simulate infrastructure performance and understand future AMN resource needs

• Application sizing to ensure required service levels can be met

• Storing capacity management data

• Producing a capacity plan based on metrics that documents current utilization

And forecasted Mission Thread requirements, and support costs, for new applications or


• Building the AMN infrastructure growth plan with input from other teams

• Fine tune applications and infrastructure components to improve performance,

Reduce consumption, and delay upgrades

• Eliminate redundant work and ensure consistent reporting

• Efficiently provision AMN capacity

• Project consumption at future growth levels and uncover bottlenecks with sufficient

Warning to correct before operational services are adversely affected

• Collecting application and system performance data and archiving it into a

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

• Providing reporting tools to assess current state of critical operational applications

• Analyzing performance data to discover application bottlenecks to improve overall

AMN performance

• Reviewing requirements for availability of operational systems

• Cataloging operational requirements

• Ensuring proper contingency plans are in place and tested

• Establishing high-availability, redundant systems to support mission-critical applications

• Services are provisioned on specific infrastructure depending upon their availability


• Gathering historical and real-time data on service performance

• Providing the performance data required for upper management to make informed

Decisions regarding IT's ability to meet SLAs

• Tracks the availability, reliability and maintainability metrics