Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mgt Trainee Mechanical Electrical Engineer

Fontaine Modification Management Training Program

Fontaine Modification is the nation’s leading modifier of heavy trucks. We design and engineer

cab, chassis, steering, and drive train modifications for specific vocational and fleet applications

of heavy and medium duty trucks at seven manufacturing locations.

We have developed a Management Trainee program to support some significant growth

opportunities we are faced with and do not have sufficient “bench strength” to handle.   We are

hiring for our modification center in Dallas.

Qualified candidates agree that they are very mobile and must will willing to relocate, at

Fontaine’s expense, to Modification Centers where they are needed.

Hiring Criteria:

o   Mechanical or Electrical Engineer

o   Technically Competent (gear head)

·         Likes to work with their hands and have proven personal experience

o   Good Grades – 3.0+

o   Well Rounded (Experiences outside of Academic Involvement)

o   Outgoing personality

o   Leadership Skills

o   Highly Mobile – willing to relocate

o   Desire to be trained / mentored

Initial Training Program:

o   Start out as a Technician on our shop floor  - Initial training 30 to 120 days…

o   Everyone is assigned a Mentor

·         Periodic Retention Bonuses

·         Following the Initial Tech Training in one of our Modification Centers, the Management

Trainee will be hired on a Salary Level, and be slotted in one of the following types of roles:

Process Engineering, Sales, Inventory Management, Procurement, Production Supervision and /

or Quality Assurance.

If you are interested in learning more, please forward a resume and cover letter to the

President,  Will Trantham at


Cover letter should outline 3 specific reasons why we should consider you for our

management trainee program.