Monday, March 31, 2014

Electrical Technician Mechanical Technician

Schedule: 40-80 per week, depending on activities, maybe more.

Pay: Salary w/ OT after 40 hours

Location: Must be flexible (Positions available in several districts)

Relocation Required

Electrical Technician Key Functions:

· Under direction, repair and troubleshoot electrical, electronic, and computer based

equipment and systems located on trucks, in electronic shop and laboratory

· Assist mechanical technicians in repairing electrical problems

· Assist electrical technician with troubleshooting and repairing electrical problems on


and vehicles on location

· Assist electrical technician in maintaining electronic and electrical parts inventory

· Perform periodic maintenance on selected electronics equipment

· Develop skills and knowledge in operating company equipment to enable electronic



· Learn to operate computers and use technical software to calibrate electronic and



Mechanical Technician Key Functions:

· Repair product line equipment according to company standards, under direction

· Perform daily maintenance on company equipment, under direction

· Conduct preventative maintenance and lubrication on selected items of auxiliary


· Develop skills and knowledge to operate selected items of auxiliary equipment

· Develop skills with all hand tools used in the maintenance workshop

· Develop skills and knowledge to support product line services, including basic

welding, cutting,

grinding, and drilling, and basic understanding of company air, hydraulic, and electrical


· Develop skills on appropriate shop tools in order to repair and maintain equipment

Key Functions for Mechanical / Electrical Technicians:

· Attend monthly safety and operations improvement meetings

· Complete training modules for promotion to next career level

· Participate in job risk analysis and continual improvement programs in the district

· Wear PPE at all times and observe health, safety and environmental policies

· Successfully complete required safety training (including but not limited to forklift,

drugs and

alcohol, electrical, emergency response, fire, first aid, health and hygiene, PPE, SIPP,


reporting, IT security, hazardous materials, driving)

Employees may be assigned other duties in addition to or in lieu of those described

above, and any duties are subject to change at any time according to the needs of the



Education: High school diploma plus two years of post-high school education

Experience: Entry Level

Please send resume to: