Thursday, September 25, 2014

Investor Relations Manager

Investor Relations Manager

IRM (Business Development/Oil & Gas Exploration & Production)

Position Description

The primary role of the Investor Relations Manager (IRM) is to develop
strong relationships among our accredited investor base, which is growing
considerably. The IRM is expected to serve this investor base through lead
utilization, guidance appointments, referrals, and other development
efforts as well as manage the team of Investor Relations Representatives.
The IRM will deliver high levels of investor satisfaction and focus on
investor needs at the center of all interactions.

For a typical Upstream or Midstream Operator, this role would be similar to
a Business Development or Sales Manager role. Experience in Oil & Gas
Exploration and Production will be key. Excellent opportunity for growth!

Primary Responsibilities

* Initiates investor relationships with current clients and
prospective clients through lead utilization, market development, and other
* Participates in execution of marketing development plan.
* Adheres to compliance/risk procedures and exhibits detailed
attention to disclosure policies by maintaining focus on investors' best
* Introduces clients to investment strategies and works with client to
develop investment plan.
* Fulfills client transactional, investment and service requirements
as needed.
* Manages Investor Relations team
* Provides direction to new investors by being responsive to investor
needs, inquiries and requests.
* Drives investor experience to high levels of satisfaction by
adhering to the investor first principles.
* Seeks referral opportunities and follows up on leads.

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