Monday, September 29, 2014

Manufacturing Director

Manufacturing Director

HotRun, Inc. - Dallas

The Director of Manufacturing is a senior management position overseeing
all company

This person is responsible for overall leadership manufacturing,
facility/physical plant up-keep, and capital improvements.

Key Roles & Responsibilities:
Provide leadership for the successful production of multiple facilities.

Work closely with quality personnel to review product consistency to
trends and areas of improvement.

Establish and ensure inventory levels are met while operating at the
highest efficiency

Work closely with the Environmental Health and Safety Manager to ensure all
of the manufacturing team are aware of safety policies to provide a safe
workplace for our employees.

Maintain and support a superior safety and housekeeping program, including
all timely
communication initiatives.

Work in coordination with Human Resources to identify personnel needs and
for long-term.

Analyze workforce requirements.

Conduct performance appraisals and provide coaching and guidance.

Encourage and promote operating in a continuous improvement environment.

Remove production constraints; allocate human and equipment resources, and
production employees to attain all established goals.

Communicate with research and development as well as product management
personnel to
develop new product strategies.

Coordinate with Purchasing to develop and improve supplier relationships.

Coordinate positive, trusting relationship with workforce.

Cooperates and work with home office for direction of facility.

Other duties as assigned, directed, requested, or needed.

Education, Experience, &

Skill Requirements:
Degree in Business/Finance/Management/Operations or other related field.

MBA preferred.

10 years progressive experience in a key leadership/management role at a
manufacturing facility preferred.

Strong computer skills including the ability to prepare spreadsheets and
use Microsoft
Office Products

Word, Excel, Power Point) to analyze data and trends.

Previous experience/best practices implementing and using continuous
tools such as; Six Sigma, 5-S, Lean Manufacturing, Transactional Lean, etc.
drive improvement.

Previous experience/broad understanding of safety systems and enforcement
of safety
rules and policies.

Demonstrated strong leadership, team building, and advanced coaching skills.

Demonstrated ability to motivate people, assess, and develop employee

Demonstrated understanding of principles and applications associated with
operations, maintenance, and engineering.

Excellent planning and organizational skills, with the ability to balance
production and maintenance

Excellent interpersonal communication and listening ability.

Must learn working knowledge of AWS requirements for welded structures.

A strong ability to be adaptable and flexible.

Strong analytical and decision-making skills.

Ability to work with teams and lead decision-making processes in a team

Highly motivated, results oriented, driven.