Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Network Operations Support Analyst

NOC Network Operations Center Support Analyst - Tier II


We have a great relationship with the hiring manager and they are looking
to fill this role immediately. This job is going to be moving quickly.

NOTE: This is for a rotating shift schedule Sun-Wed, Sun-Tues 7am-7pm.

Job Description:
NCIS TierII Technical Support Analyst (Systems Specialist 2)

Daily Responsibilities

Provide TierII Technical Support for Citibank's global network with a focus
on network infrastructure in the Americas region:
* 85% 'Break/Fix' support of standard enterprise Cisco Internetworking
Technology solutions
* 15% 'Break/Fix' support for Internetworking technology infrastructure
solutions such as
1) Load Balancers (F5 and Citrix)
2) Juniper Routers
3) WAN Accelerators/Optimizers (Riverbed)
4) VoIP Appliances (Avaya)
5) WiFi/Wireless communications support
6) Other small pockets of both new and legacy internetworking technologies
managed by NCIS
Provide timely response to phone calls into the NCIS Technical Support
hotline from internal colleagues within CTI, Citi business clients,
vendors, and others.
Coordinate conference calls to conduct in depth technical reviews on
ongoing incidents.

Major Incident Support
* Represent NCIS on conference calls for business impacting incidents which
may or may not be due to a failure in NCIS managed technology infrastructure
* Drive major incident conference calls as a representative of NCIS through
consistent, professional, and highly assertive communication
* Maintain focus and poise for the duration of the major incident support
cycle and work through all challenges with a results oriented attitude and
relentless focus on enhanced customer service through rapid incident
* Collaborate with NCIS TierIII Support, NCIS SMEs, SDMs, Vendor Support
Teams, etc, with the goal of aligning all parties towards achieving
incident resolution as quickly as possible
* Communicate with NCIS Management to provide frequent status updates
regarding the technical issue, status of the remediation efforts, and
ongoing business impact

Departmental Contributions
Introspectively review NCIS operating procedures, daily support practices,
major incident support, etc and provide feedback to the leadership team for
the purpose of continuous service improvement and operational excellence.
Foster innovation. Work with TierIII, SMEs, SDMs, and Engineering
colleagues to ensure NCIS support services stay ahead of the market. Think
about what we do today versus what we should be doing tomorrow.
Drive operational efficiencies. Maintain awareness of all NCIS workflows
and automation/efficiency opportunities. Utilize the wide range of tools to
enhance efficiencies within NCIS Operations. Provide input to NCIS
management on automation enhancements and workflow optimization

Qualifications / Requisite Knowledge Base
1) 3+ years of experience in providing network operations support.
Experience supporting a network with 1000+ nodes is preferred. NOC (Network
Operations Center) experience is highly preferred.
2) Intermediate level working knowledge of enterprise TCP/IP communications
(IPv4, QoS, IPSEC, etc)
3) Intermediate level working knowledge of enterprise standard Ethernet
media types: Fastethernet, Gigabit and TenGigabit.
4) Intermediate level working knowledge of Cisco routers and switches,
WANs, (T1, T3, MPLS)
5) Intermediate level working knowledge of three of the following routing
protocols: EIGRP, BGP, OSPF, RIP
6) Any of following Industry Certifications are highly preferred*:
II. Juniper Networks Certified Internet Associate/Specialist/Professional
(JNCIA, JNCIS, JNCIP)III. Information Technology Infrastructure Library -
Version 3 Foundations (ITIL Version 3)*A commensurate knowledge base in
absence of certification is acceptable.
7) Language Skills beyond English are a plus. Areas of need: Spanish,
Portuguese. General Attributes, Characteristics, and Capabilities
1) Highly assertive communications skills, commanding personality. Ability
to engage a large audience and lead the discussion with clear, articulate,
and highly assertive communication. Must be aggressive but also
professional. Must show confidence in all communications so that key stake
holders are not doubtful of the information being communicated.
2) Effective prioritization skills and high energy. Ability to work in a
fast-paced network operations environment. Ability to work under pressure
with conflicting priorities and a fluctuating and potentially voluminous
operational workload.
3) Ability to articulate technical information to large audience with
various levels of technical knowledge base, including a business management
audience that may lack a deep technical understanding of internetworking
technology solutions. Ability to drive communication between business
leaders and IT. Must exhibit sound and comprehensive communication and
diplomacy skills to exchange complex information with inherent confidence.
4) High sense of urgency and commitment to exceeding customer expectations.
Strong personal work ethic, inspires excellence and enthusiasm amongst peer
5) Resilient and highly responsive in overcoming adversity, ability to work
through a multitude of challenges/obstacle in order to achieve the desired
end result
6) Ability to provide clear and detailed documentation of all technical
troubleshooting tasks performed on all incidents in order to maintain
proper continuity in a 24x7 network operations center environment.
7) Ability and willingness to operate within tightly controlled operational
procedures. Proficiency in managing customer satisfaction requirements
within the confines or operational procedures to achieve a suitable outcome
for all stakeholders.
8) Demonstrated technical competencies and history of increased
responsibilities during previous three years. Strong dedication towards
continual growth and self-improvement including year-over-year progression
in industry certifications and overall technical proficiencies and
knowledge base.
9) Strong analytical, organizational, written and interpersonal skills
10) Perform medium complex investigation, diagnoses, resolution, recovery
and closure for all network service incidents across all network
technologies. These technologies include enterprise level network software
and hardware components from various companies and change based on new
design standards and business requirements. This intermediate level
break-fix task includes all severity issues; some requiring complete
resolution within minutes while others are long term in-depth reviews with
many teams, businesses and vendors spanning multiple days and weeks.
11) Provide timely response to communications from the Tier II Shift
Manager, internal colleagues within CTI, Citi business clients, vendors,
and others. Coordinate conference calls to conduct technical reviews on
on-going incidents including assisting with hardware replacements, major
incident troubleshooting and in-depth problem review and analysis. Drive
major incident conference calls as a representative of CTI through
consistent, professional, and highly assertive communication.
12) Perform intermediate and complex operational tasks requiring
independent analysis and decision making. In addition this team is
responsible for creating incident resolution playbooks, training level 1
technicians across multiple technologies, reviewing monitoring alerts for
event correlation and confirmation that incidents have cleared. This
documentation, training and review of monitoring will be published to the
Global Command Center and Level 2 globally to reduce the amount of
incidents that require escalation to the network core infrastructure team
or how to troubleshoot them effectively when they occur.
13) Perform complex network failover during internet service provider
threat scenarios. This requires an immediate readiness, knowledge and
understanding of varying threat scenarios from the "wild", how Citi's
complex internet pods (Citiplex) operate and advanced knowledge of routing
protocols and vendor specific mitigation strategies.
14) Collect and perform medium to complex reviews of bit level packet
captures to identify faults in the network environment including issues on
non-network specific hardware and software. Use packet captures to identify
and resolve issues on servers, applications, wide-area systems, local area
systems, cabling, hardware and network designs.
15) Escalate issues to Level 3 and SME teams when necessary as determined
by technology, business impact, risk and type of scenario. In addition,
certain issues must be escalated to the shift manager on-duty immediately.
16) Assist business customers, integration and engineering on medium to
complex issues and provide configuration assistance as required. This can
include failing network components for COB events, critical circuit
troubleshooting, capacity planning by configuring network spans or review
with vendors on issues seen by engineering in lab scenarios. In addition
log captures and technical documentation are required in incident tickets
both internally and externally to Citi in order to document clear incident
path to resolution including various escalations that may be required.
17) Participate in formal and informal cross skill training from
colleagues, industry experts, vendors, Citi Level 3, Citi SME's, the build
team and leverage on the job learning from peers. Provide informal training
for tier II technicians regarding hardware, software and design
18) Create and manage end to end complex changes required in the network
environment to resolve Incidents or restore standard functionality after an
incident has been resolved. This includes the creation, planning,
coordination and testing of various complex networks.



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