Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Retail Sales Associate Mgr Candidate

A Retail Sales Associate's Key Responsibilities are:
Maintain professional business activity with customers throughout the
purchase process
Achieve sales goals including home sales and profitability
Maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction
Identify customer's needs and provide realistic assistance in selection of
Obtain credit information and work with manager to secure financing for
Obtain customer's down payment prior to ordering the home
Close contact with the customer
Complete and manage orders with customers
Utilize follow up systems to track activity and results
Follow-up on sales leads from various sources including advertising,
telephone and website
Identify local marketing opportunities for new business
Proactive follow up with prospective customers

Personal Characteristics:
Excellent organization and time management skills
Ability to effectively and tactfully communicate with people
Great listening skills
Creative problem solving ability
Ability to work as part of a team, as well as individually
A high level of enthusiasm

Earning potential 60k-150k
Base plus commission
Medical, Dental and Vision offered

Additional Requirements:
Availability: Must be able to work evenings, weekends and some holidays

Now hiring at the following locations Mesquite, Denton, Caddo Mills.

Send resume to :

Mesquite gm004@palmharbor.com

Denton- gm006@palmharbor.com

Caddo Mills gm033@palmharbor.com