Friday, September 19, 2014

Unix Systems Administrator

AIX / Solaris / Linux


We have a great relationship with the hiring manager and they are looking
to fill this role immediately.
Job Description:
This candidate will be working in a large dynamic environment; as such,
this is very much a hands-on position and the engineer will be expected to
work with the team involved in the day-to-day operation and maintenance of
a large distributed AIX and Solaris environment.

The ideal candidate will be happy to share their knowledge with the team as
well as learn from them, and is looking for a fast-paced, open environment
where change management and best practices are important and necessary.

The candidate should have experience supporting technology in a financial
institution or other high pressure environment.

A successful candidate will have a client focused attitude; which is,
technology enables the client / business / corporation to sell their
product or service.

Provide support in the following areas: AIX/Solaris/Linux platforms with
specific experience in AIX 6.X,7.X, Sun Solaris 10 Systems Operational
Support, server virtualization, Enterprise Netbackup, Enterprise Sun LDAP
for UNIX systems and applications including various existing applications.

Perform Unix Systems Administration for AIX, Enterprise Sun Solaris 10
Systems to include: AIX 695/795/780 , Sun 25K/SunFire series,
/T5120/T5220/T5240/T5440, Vioclient MPLPARs and SCLPARs

Maintain UNIX infrastructure environment at datacenters during business
hours and off-hours; troubleshoot Solaris networking services and
protocols: TCP/IP, NIS, DNS, NFS, LDAP, FTP, SSH, SMTP, SNMP, SSL, and
HTTP. Strong AIX 6.X and 7.X LPAR (MPLPAR and SCLPAR) experience! Install,
configure, and maintain UNIX server equipment, disk arrays, tape libraries,
virtual tape libraries and terminal servers; UNIX routine operation
functions; maintain high end UNIX servers M9000 and current and new UNIX

Provide data protection, recovery and business continuity; test and
validate disaster recovery and business continuity methods in UNIX

Perform routine backup and recovery for data protection and integrity for
UNIX servers; monitor UNIX infrastructure which consists of complex sets of
equipment and system software; provide proactive remediation.

Perform proactive monitoring for high availability, System data protection,
backup and restore, UNIX central authentication, user account management,
disk storage management, hardware and OS maintenance, and application

Install, configure and maintain highly optimized Virtualized UNIX
environment using Zone/Container, LDOM and VMware virtualization

Strong inter-personal and communication skills; capable of writing
proposals and papers, acting as a vendor liaison, making presentations to
customer/client audiences or making professional presentations, work
closely with upper management. Ability to solve problems quickly and
completely. Ability to identify tasks which should be automated and then
write tools to automate them. Solid understanding of the Unix based
operations system: understands paging and swapping, interprocess
communication, devices and device drivers, can perform system analysis and
tuning. Ability to program in at least one, preferably two administrative
languages, (shell, Perl, Tk) and port C programs from one platform to
another, write small C programs. Solid understanding of
networking/distributed computing environments, understanding the principals
of routing, client/server programming, and the design of consistent
network-wide filesystems.

Five to Ten years experience providing Solaris/AIX/ Linux systems
administration support for large scale complex unix environments.

Cluster Technology, Veritas Storage foundation and other High Availability
techniques in the UNIX environment; Veritas NetBackup.

Solaris Disk Suit or Solaris Volume Manager and ZFS.

Shell scripting and/or Perl scripting experience.

System level support for Oracle application and database Servers, Java
application servers, Websphere or other large-scale databases in a UNIX

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity in UNIX environment; EMC storage
array based SAN environment.

Knowledge of IBM/Sun Entry-Level, Midrange and High-End Enterprise servers
and disk arrays. 9. Extensive knowledge and experience in supporting and
troubleshooting AIX/Solaris networking services and protocols: TCP/IP, NIS,


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