Thursday, October 16, 2014

Client Services Manager

Client Services Manager

Catholic Charities, Diocese of Fort Worth, Inc. - Fort Worth

The overarching goal of CCFW's ending poverty study, the Padua Pilot, is to
improve the human condition and embrace diversity by moving a significant
number of clients out of poverty. That is, instead of each program working
independently to serve the client based on that program's target outcomes,
the family is assessed to determine a customized path out of poverty. CCFW
defines poverty as "a lack of knowledge and opportunities and an outlook
that inhibits one from living a healthy, self-sufficient, and fulfilling
life." The Client Services Manager's primary responsibility is the
management of day- to-day activities and the staff within the poverty pilot
program to ensure successful results. This position must be able to
navigate relationships, establish partnerships, and lead staff with
exemplary communication and collaboration skills. The Client Services
Manager is responsible for direct supervision of staff and volunteers,
day-to-day program management in accordance with the standards set by the
Poverty Steering Committee, assessing and assigning caseloads, the daily
operations and budget of the program, and ensuring program compliance with
all applicable professional and agency standards and funding requirements.


 Manages client services, including o demonstrating consistent high-level
performance in a manner that enhances the method of service

delivery for this project, which is driven by individual client and family
needs rather than by specific program goals.

o developing a supportive, empowering culture for staff, clients, and
inter-agency and external-agency partners.

o managing work flow and workload assignments. o developing, monitoring,
and evaluating all program work plans, outputs, and outcomes to ensure goals

are met. o monitoring and evaluating staff performance to ensure compliance
with all expectations and standards of

practice. o monitoring program revenues and controlling program
expenditures to ensure accountability and

operation within established budget. Promoting good stewardship among staff
members. o evaluating and modifying program responses to address identified
needs in conjunction with agency

leadership. o completing/auditing all necessary documentation to ensure
compliance with funding requirements,

licensing requirement, COA standards, and agency quality assurance
standards. o ensuring services are delivered in accordance with agency
culture, mission, vision, and values.

 Supports the Poverty Pilot, including o implementing the project model
focusing on an anti-poverty agenda and related strategies that

significantly improve outcomes for clients. o participating in a highly
collaborative team, in which feedback is freely given and taken for the

good of the collective project and its impact. o providing training,
supervision, mentoring, and coaching to develop program staff and
leadership. o assisting in the identification and development of resources
(volunteer, donor, financial) necessary to

ensure successful program performance, including the preparation of
proposals. o cultivating positive relationships with relevant funding and
monitoring entities, faith-based organizations,

social service providers, and other community partners. o participating in
appropriate community collaborations.

 Drives client services, including o identifying and maintaining a working
knowledge of critical issues and trends in family self-sufficiency and

economic security issues for low-income individuals. o implementing program
design developed by the Poverty Pilot Steering Committee. o setting
strategic goals and direction based on the poverty pilot program. o
researching and analyzing client population trends and emerging needs. o
identifying and implementing actions to improve goal attainment as
necessary. o developing and implementing program policies and procedures to
ensure effective and efficient delivery

of services.


 Master's Degree in social work, nonprofit management, public health, or
public administration or related field and three years of experience in
managing professionals in a social service environment or a combination of
education and experience.

 Experience working with low-income families and community services.

 Strong background in economics, social services and implementation of
wrap around programming and services.

 Demonstrate ability to train and lead teams.

 Additional licensing and other qualifications may be required for
oversight of particular programs according to state standards, funding
requirements and agency policies.

 Ability to navigate successfully through multiple software applications

WORK HOURS AND LOCATION This position is located at the CCFW Fort Worth
campus. Regular office hours are 8 am -5 pm Monday through Friday. Flexible
schedules may be available. Some evening or weekend work may occasionally
be necessary.

Interested persons should fax or email a cover letter, resume, & salary
requirements to: Catholic Charities Fort Worth Attn: Human Resources 249
West Thornhill Drive Fort Worth, TX 76115 Fax: (817) 535-8779

Please place the position in which you are applying for in the Subject line.