Friday, October 24, 2014

Project Program Manger

Project Program Manger

Experis is looking to hire a Program Manager in Fort Worth.

An Experis client is looking for a Project / Program Manger ---Direct,
manage and oversee the daily and long term strategic technical inventory
and organization of software assets held by company. This role will include
the following:

Develop policy, procedures and optimization model(s) for software
inventories on an ongoing basis. Special focus on inventory accuracy,
reconciliation & verification (quarterly? Annually?)
Maintain and communicate accurate lifecycle software inventories to core
teams. (deployments, retirements, decommissions)
Communicate the iQuate inventory methodology and process to stakeholders,
DBAs, Sr. leaders and executives.
Gather BU requirements, and obtain BU buy in and cooperation to perform
scans and develop accurate baseline inventories.
Initiate security requests for firewall/ port access, credentials, remote
access. (Change Management)
Update and verify IP addresses.
Develop and communicate scanning strategies & schedules to stakeholders &
business units.
Maintain, track and document exceptions and exclusions.
Spot check scanning results & inventory reports.
Project status & progress reporting.
Liaison with teams responsible for conducting company- wide software audits.
iQuate System Administrator / Analyst
Requires knowledge in the following areas:
System Administration
Networking, Windows, UNIX & Database
IT Software Licensing
Asset Management
Should be fully iQuate administration trained (iQDatahub, iQExplorer)

Responsible for supporting efforts related to:
Performing scans
iQuate system administration
Enabling discovery
Configuring operating system and target application credentials
Data export & report generation
iQuate configuration, diagnostics & trouble shooting
Credential failures, missing credentials, updating credentials
iQuate design & architecture

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