Friday, November 14, 2014

IT Operational Manager

IT Operational Manager

Direct client: Network engineer or Network manager or IT operational manager

Open Stack Engineer or Open source engineer or Network Engineer or Cloud
engineer or Operational manager or Network manager

Duration: 6 months+

Location: Coppell

Rate per hour: 73/hr. on w2

Position will be working on open stack. Open stack is constituted of open
source technologies as per following elements.
Network elements, Operating system layer, Database layer, Web Server Layer,
Application layer.

Person should have experience on following technologies:

Have experience handling different elements of infrastructure.
1. Strong experience in Python scripting and java scripting.
2. Experience with system administration specifically with Redhat Linux
3. Experience with multiple elements of stack.
4. Person will develop a catalogue of the various components of
network/system stack which is available to be provisioned in cloud
Experience customizing the dashboard, where end user can ask for what OS,
what database (and version of database), what web server, what memory, what
storage space, I/O level, etc. similar to Amazon Web Services, end the
customized dashboard built by our consultant will be able to provide a drag
and drop functionality to provision the virtual server as desired by the
end user.

Veera Gupte
Talent Acquisition

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