Monday, November 24, 2014

Project Managers

Project Managers
About AutoStone
AutoStone Floor Systems is the leading floor system provider to the
automotive retail dealership industry. We sell and install porcelain tile
floors to automotive dealers. We sell shop floors, service drive floors
and showroom floors.
AutoStone was the pioneer in developing a floor tile that was designed for
shop floors that provided dealers with a permanent floor system for these
vital revenue generating areas of their dealerships. Previously, dealers
used (and still do) sealed concrete and/or epoxy coatings. These are
temporary coatings that last anywhere from 3-5 years.
With our permanent floor system solution, we provide dealers with a better
floor surface in aesthetics, cleanability, slip-resistance and life cycle.
For a little more upfront cost, dealers never have to go through the
process of resurfacing their shops again.
The aesthetic value of our floors also enhances the customer experience and
elevates the brands perception in the market place. It also helps attract
the critical "shop tech" who is part of the team that generates the most
revenue for a dealership. Quality "techs" generate a lot of revenue for
dealers and they choose to work in quality environments that look good, are
clean and are safe to work in.
Along the way, AutoStone successfully implemented our program with many
automotive brands so our floor system is used in service drives and
showrooms as well. Today, we support many areas in the dealership when it
comes to the tile solution. Dealers prefer to go with the permanent floor
surfaces and AutoStone is the preferred choice.
Project Manager
We are looking for in-office Project Managers. You will manage many
projects after they are contracted by our sales staff. You have to be a
highly functioning individual with many important job skills. Your jobs
skills include:
Budgeting. You are to review the budgets that are established in our
contracts and spend AutoStone money in a manner that matches or is less
than the budgeted amount. You will purchase materials, labor, freight and
other items. You need to understand how to budget and what your budget is.
Labor Management. You manage our crews. You work the project start date
with your GC counterpart to confirm when jobs are to start and when they
are confirmed that your crews arrive on-time and along with a stream of
materials that support the initial operations of the project. You will
also review the weekly progress of jobs by requesting digital images taken
by your installation crew chief against the plan-o-gram you establish prior
to the job start. You are responsible for making sure your installation
teams stay on schedule and complete in whole, on-time.
Communication. You are to communicate effectively with GC's and you're
Sales Account Manager from prior to the start and throughout the entire
process. You must have excellent skills with Microsoft suite of products:
Outlook, Word and Excel. As well as Smart Phones and SMS texting. You
need to know how to manage the numerous digital files that include data and
all important communications with our customer. You have to project
confidence, intelligence and overall understanding of your job.
Communication takes many forms from verbal to written. You have to be a
master of them all.
Plan Reading. You need to be able to read plans and understand layouts in
a 2D form in both floor plans and wall elevations.
Multitasking. You must be able to manage and handle many job
responsibilities at once. You will manage anywhere from 3 to 6 (or more)
projects at a time. You are responsible for knowing what needs to be done
and when. You have to manage and work with highly successful sales
professionals and meet their expectations as well as the companies and our
clients' needs.
Highly Organized and Self-Motivated. You must be able to manage your time
and the details. Your job is all about the details! You need to be
self-motivated to make sure you implement tasks and functions as needed and
anticipation of when things need to completed. You need to know that when
you schedule freight, you have an advanced lead-time and all the
down-stream tasks are aligned to make sure that everything flows smoothly
to completion of installation.
Our office hours are Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5:30pm. You must be willing
to accept calls from your installation crews evenings and weekends. This
is an IN-HOUSE position, you will be required to work in the office daily.
We offer medical and dental insurance as well as paid vacation.
Salary range is $50,000 to $65,000 and is dependent on experience.
If you are a highly motivated individual, we want you on our team.
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