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Property Management

Property Management
Babich & Associates - Dallas
Education and Experience
10-20 years related experience
Property Management experience Managerial experience
PC Skills (Minimum Windows Office) Proven Decision Making Skills
Strong Written and Oral Communication Skills Independent and Analytical
Job Summary:
The position PROPERTY MANAGEMENT MANAGER is accountable to lead the
functions related to Insurance Administration and Property and Facilities
Management including the future growth generated by Avant-Garde providing
guidance and expertise to all his/her groups. Accountable for management of
all Co. owned and leased properties to include project management; lease
and contract negotiations; management of tenant /landlord relationships;
administration and collection of rent payments; the planning, coordination,
budgeting and execution of new construction, renovations, alterations and
modifications; the planning, coordination, budgeting and execution of
personnel or departmental moves and changes. Provide expertise and
coordination of architectural, engineering and real estate services. Ensure
best efforts are used to maintain building services and that buildings and
properties remain in a good state of repair and in an attractive condition
providing preventative and remedial maintenance programs. Ensure
performance of all services that are necessary and enjoyable operation and
management of all properties. Maintain a high standard of quality and
ensure a clean and safe work environment. Manage vendor and sub-contractor
relations to include negotiating contracts, scheduling, system maintenance
and repair or replacement. It will ensure effective planning, contracting
and coordination to promote brand and culture consistency across all Co.
properties. Manage the insurances for Co. ensuring all policies are
reviewed and maintained.
Principal Activities & Responsibilities (* Essential Functions and % Time)
80% of your activity:
Manage the Co. portfolio of real estate holdings consistent with the real
estate investment practices providing for the leasing of said properties to
both internal and external tenants as applicable.
Provide for the maintenance of all properties in a manner that favorably
reflects our brand and ensures the satisfaction of tenants, especially
those who are accountable for member service, with appropriate
consideration of the cost/benefit of those services. Prepare and manage
income I expense, collect I pay rental fees for all divisions of Co.
Prepare and manage operational and capital budgets for Co. owned and leased
properties to include budgets for real estate acquisition, construction,
renovation, reconfiguration, changes to building systems/operation, repairs
and budgets affecting depreciation schedules.
Ensure Co. facility quality and safety standards are codified and
incorporated in design of new or remodeled facilities and comply with code,
ADA, NFPA and OSHA standards. This accountability is accompanied by the
authority to negotiate and execute contracts with third parties within
their financial authority.
Ensure construction and service contracts meet minimum liability
requirements as established by Co.
Provide for the management of all Co. owned or leased properties in all
cities and any future expansions, to include project management, new I
changes I alterations, architectural engineering, administering
preventative and remedial maintenance programs, manage tenant /landlord
relationships, lease and contract negotiation and administration.
•Manage vendor/contractor relationships with the accountability to approve
all contractors, vendors and business partners relating to building
maintenance and property management service providers, construction and
renovation general contractors and trade sub-contractors, architectural,
engineering, and legal and real estate services making sure there is
compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.
•Update existing and new service contracts or other needed contracts with
all our current and future service providers and maintain a centralized
depository of service contracts or other needed contracts and monitor its
compliance by developing tracking mechanisms. ◦Review all corporate
insurance policies, coverage, applications, premiums, past claims and other
related needs.
•Seek any information from employees or external parties which will be
required to renew current policies or put in place new insurance policies.
◦Interface with representatives of the insurance company, the insurance
broker and management concerning suggestions or recommendations relating to
◦Manage and review all safety and hazard reports as well as loss claim
reports submitted by the insurance carrier.
◦Provide a repository for all contract and lease documents critical to the
daily operations of the organization. ◾Develop and maintain productive
working relationships with the code compliance officers, local fire and
other related regulators.
◾Provide support to the Senior Staff Officer in executing Co's facility
strategy based on space requirement forecasts from each division to ensure
space management needs are met and in line with the strategic objectives of
the organization.
◾Ensure there are processes to identify, prioritize and monitor daily
workflow to ensure the timely and accurate processing of all areas of
Property Management.
◾With the aid of appropriate external expertise, execute the instructions
given to acquire or dispose properties to meet the needs of the
organization in a cost effective manner with consideration for both
purchase and lease options. ◾Develop preventive maintenance programs where
we don't have them and for both new and established maintenance programs
develop written procedures that contain structure and planning of
execution. ◾Ensure all construction and service contracts are documented
and contain the legal requirements needed to protect Co.
◦Ensure we maintain a centralized depository of all the procedures and
monitor its compliance by developing tracking mechanisms.
◦Ensure that new facilities are built and existing facilities are remodeled
with appropriate approvals and practices. For future expansions: ◾Manage
the geo-location demographics ◾In-house and community planning
◾Align to Architectural design of on building and community characteristics
o Analyze locations with retail focus and development ◾Understanding of
technological advances to provide top technological help like radio
frequency help, etc. ◾Manage the relationship, acquisition and coordination
of Architectural Design and Engineering services
◾Develop a scalable solution in conjunction with our Avant-Garde team
◾Manage the relationship, acquisition and coordination of Architectural
Design and Engineering services for the completion of projects related to
new and existing facilities.
◾Understanding customer needs to effectively develop and write new
processes and solutions that meet their business needs with minimal
unintended effects and with reasonable ongoing cost.
10% People management
10 % Personal and employee training
X Ability to analyze data or report information X Ability to develop plans,
procedures, goals
Strategies or processes based on data analysis of experience
X Ability to evaluate performance of others X Ability to direct activities
of others to
accomplish goal(s)
Other than general office equipment (fax machine, photocopier, etc.) what
other tools or equipment are used:
Disclaimer: The activities listed above describe the general nature and
level of work being performed. It is not an exhaustive list of all
responsibilities or duties. Employees may be assigned other tasks as deemed
necessary by the supervisor.
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