Monday, November 24, 2014

Senior Technical Business Analyst

Senior Technical Business Analyst
We are looking for a strong Senior technical Business Analyst responsible
for creating data architecture solutions for internal Data Warehouse and
Business Intelligence projects. This person will provide the thought
leadership within IT to advise the business, mentor staff, and leverage
industry best practices. They should demonstrate a strong understanding of
key business drivers and ensure technical solutions, deliver business value
in line with company objectives, and provide the insights and information
to support and influence the decision making process of our Executive team.
-Communicate with the team concerning projects, decisions, and commitments
to achieve.
Partner with the AVP to accurately forecast and budget resources and
-Build roadmaps that will lead to a company-wide implementations based on
the current and future data obtained and analyzed.
-Maintain knowledge of current technology trends to remain technically
aggressive in developing solutions.
Set the strategy and vision for building and maintaining an enterprise
level data warehouse.
-Define the information, reporting, and analytical needs of the Company.
-Develop goals, strategies, and plans needed to achieve the vision and then
build the capabilities to support these goals.
-Leverage enterprise data to anticipate needs and future opportunities for
new and existing products and affiliates.
Constantly research and implement new and innovative strategic assessments
and analyses.
-Create and manage supporting and related business intelligence processes.
-Coordinate with product and finance teams to support data and analytics
across the organization.
-Develop a clear vision for the team to ensure alignment to the overall IT
strategic vision.
Lead strategic assessment, competitor studies, and support the development
of business plans.
-Provide analytical support and use the appropriate tools available to make
objective business decisions.
Detect opportunities to introduce new business intelligence tools into
existing processes.
-Interact with Executives to create and define business vision and execute
-Work with business unit Managers/Directors to understand business data
usage, analysis, and reporting requirements.
-Experience with Agile software development methods applied to Business
Intelligence and Data Warehousing projects.
Strong verbal and written communication skills.
If interested please email your resume to