Monday, November 24, 2014

Sr Project Manager

Sr Project Manager
GDH Consulting is seeking a Sr. Level Project Manager to work a 6 month
contract to perm hire with a direct client. The ideal candidate will have a
PMP Certification and have experience managing Cisco Infrastructure
projects in a State, Local or Education environment. The majority of the
work is Texas based so that is the preferred location however anyone living
in the Mid-west region would work. Below is a copy of the job requirement
to give you an idea of what we are looking forSLED Project Manager
Location: Texas is preferred, but this person will be supporting the
Midwest region so anyone in Central Time Zone will be considered.
Travel: up to 25%
Expertise and Certifications
•Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft Project
•PMP, PgMP, Six Sigma, and/or ITIL Certifications
•Under graduate degree in engineering or computer science
•Master's degree in business or Project management
Business Skills
◦Business Acumen◦ Use a systematic approach to gather information and
extract relevant data in order to understand the requirements of the
business, derive hypotheses or conclusions, solve problems, and make
optimal decisions
◦Business Networking◦ Build strong, productive relationships across the
organization, customers and relevant industry that are instrumental to
increasing team effectiveness and achieving business goals
◦Excellent customer facing skills in all forms of communication
◦Organizational Change Management◦ Supports, initiates, implements, and
promotes change within the organization
◦Budget Management◦ Manage business related expenditures through monitoring
and evaluating impact of costs; maximizing utilization of resources with
cost implications
◦Cost Forecasting
◦Revenue Recognition
◦Identify and manage potential cost overruns
◦Decision Making◦Assess data and information and make timely, effective
decisions with consideration for both the long and short term business
◦Enterprise Perspective◦ Analyzes situations and opportunities with a
broad, strategic view; integrates business and technology requirements of
multiple clients and customers to achieve solutions that work across the
enterprise; applies methodologies appropriate for multiple user needs and
◦Communicate value proposition at every opportunity YREWq
◦Facilitation◦ Applying group problem-solving and decision making
techniques to build understanding and agreement among people to achieve
desired business outcomes
◦Strong verbal, written, and meeting facilitation skills
◦Influence◦ Engage and persuade people to take action and make decisions
aimed to further business objectives
◦Planning & Prioritization
Uses planning and prioritization processes to align team and resources
towards the most important business objectives
General Project Management Skills
◦Communications◦ Communicates current status internally and to Customer
◦Creation, maintenance, and communications of detailed Project and
Communications Plans
◦Expertise in Tool, Oracle Projects, Online Time and Labor, Right Now Tool,
Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft Project
◦Leadership Support◦ Ensure all team members complete Time Reporting and
other responsibilities on time
◦Gathers information efficiently and effectively from key influencers and
stakeholders. Analyses key issues, challenges and obstacles.
◦Time & Productivity Management◦ Utilizes personal organizational
strategies and processes to prioritize and efficiently manage a high volume
of work activities
◦Consulting & Partnering◦ Helping clients, customers, and partners to
understand their business needs, by listening for opportunities to create
collaboration, offering advice and solutions and operating from a position
of expertise balanced with collaborative approach
◦Coaching Peers◦ Provides feedback and coaching to peers and other
colleagues, helps develop their capabilities and improve job effectiveness
◦Partner & Vendor Relationships◦ Obtains and maintains the highest value
from vendors and partners; identifies emerging and long-term requirements.
◦Negotiation◦ Reaches mutually satisfactory agreements by focusing on
interests rather than positions. Includes active listening, interpersonal
skills and careful preparation
◦Presentation & Demonstration◦ Communicates information and ideas through a
range of mediums to various audiences in a way that demonstrates subject
matter knowledge and facilitates comprehension
◦Conflict Management◦ Identifies and handles conflict in sensible, fair and
efficient manner. Requires such skills as effective communication, problem
solving, negotiating with focus on interests.
◦Cultural Adaptability◦ Adjusts communication and professional behavior in
order to adapt to a variety of business norms, values and strategies.
Requires such skills as political, organizational and cultural awareness.
◦Virtual/ Remote Teaming◦ Leverages technology and effective communication
skills to manage employees from remote locations without sacrificing team
cohesiveness or performance
◦Team Effectiveness◦ Works to increase the capabilities and contributions
of the team as a whole, ensuring a highly productive and motivated team
environment in which all participants and their opinions are recognized,
respected and treated equitably
◦Project Integration Management◦ Processes and activities needed to
identify, define, combine, unify and coordinate the various process and
project management activities
◦Supports Developing a Project Charter, Developing a Project Management
Plan, Directing and Managing Project Execution, Monitoring and Controlling
Project Work, Performing Integrated Change Control and Closing the Project
◦Project Scope Management◦ Processes required to ensure that the project
includes all the work and only the work required to complete the project
◦Managing project scope is primarily concerned with defining and
controlling what is and is not included in the project scope
◦Supports Collecting Requirements, Defining Scope, Creating Work Breakdown
Structure, Verifying and Controlling Scope
◦Project requirements gathering and scoping with communications internally
and to Customer. The translation of Statement of Work into Project Plans,
Risk Analysis, Staffing Requirements, and Project Schedule.
◦Project Time Management◦ Processes required to manage timely completion of
the project
◦Support Defining Activities, Sequencing Activities, Estimating Activity
Resources, Estimating Activity Durations, Developing a Schedule, and
Controlling a Schedule
◦Project Cost Management◦ Processes involved in estimating, budgeting, and
controlling cost so that the project can be completed within the approved
◦Supports Estimating costs, Determining Budget and Controlling Costs
◦Project Quality Management◦ Processes and activities that determine
quality policies, objectives and responsibilities so that the project will
satisfy the needs for which it was undertaken.
◦Supports Developing a Quality Plan (identification of quality requirements
and standards and documentation of how compliance will be demonstrated)
◦Performing Quality Assurance and Performing Quality Control.
Interested candidates please send resume to
Please reference job code 22552