Friday, November 14, 2014

Training Assistant Coordinator

Training Assistant Coordinator

Duration 6 Months
Start Date ASAP
Job Skills responsible for the implementation, coordination, and
facilitation of company training and development
Location Southlake

Immediate opportunity available for a Training Assistant / Coordinator.
This position is located in Southlake!

Calance offers benefits to our contingent resources, which includes
Medical, Dental, Vision care and 401K.

The Training Assistant / Coordinator is responsible for the implementation,
coordination, and facilitation of company training and development
programs, including training schedules and evaluate applicable outside
training resources.

Coordinator Essential Functions:
Read through Vendor training agreements to ensure start date/times are
correct, what is needed for the course, approve agreements.
Set up training rooms prior to facilitation of internal and vendor classes
(laptops, projector, whiteboard, markers, etc.).
Input class dates and times into a master calendar on SharePoint; update an
internal Excel with class dates/times, book conference rooms for each
respective class using conference room booking tool.
Work with management team to ensure technicians attend classes, maintain
database to show which technicians should attend the next session.
Collect rosters and input data into an internal Excel spreadsheet for all
training held in the east, including shadow opportunities.
As managers' or technicians' move (promotion, change shift, etc.) manually
update all user profiles in the Master Training DB Employee Table to ensure
accurate data is provided.
As technicians complete classes, provide them with an internal survey in
order to see areas of improvement and where we perform well. Collect and
assess the data to share the feedback with the instructor(s).
Track internal mandatory training and work with technicians to ensure
completion by due date.
Track and assist technicians with problems related to Online Training such
as logging on, completion status, etc.
Maintain the training laptops to make sure they are up to spec and that we
can continue to use them in vendor/instructor led classes (Windows 7, Java,
Firefox updates, VM Ware, Avaya VPN client installed).
Bi-weekly track the status of mandatory training and let management know
when these are due and what technicians still need to finish the training
prior to due date; ensure all required trainings are taken.
Partner with vendors to make sure that our equipment can access their
remote labs for training (Pre-check before holding classes).
Collect materials from vendors (Soft copy and Hard copy) and
distribute/make accessible to the folks as necessary.
Advise NOC technicians of any new courses that are applicable to them that
just launched when they are built, also trial some of these if
applicability is questionable.
Meet bi-weekly with Learning and Development team to remain updated on
corporate initiatives with respect to training and assign/report on action
Maintenance of training procedural documentation.
NOC new hire orientation
Special projects as needed

Coordinator Job Requirements:
This position requires initiative, motivation, creativity and ability to
understand many areas of expertise.
The training area is one of constant change. This position must be able to
react positively to these developments and help lead the way forward to
include new developments in training targeted to both new and existing
Ability to communicate professionally with all levels of management
Associates degree required.
Advanced knowledge of Windows, Power Point, Word and Excel or similar
Training experience preferred.
Effective interpersonal communication skills, both written and verbal
Advanced organizational skills with the ability to handle multiple


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