Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Warehouse Supervisor Inventory Mgt

Warehouse Supervisor Inventory Mgt
Warehouse lead or supervisor trained in Inventory Management...
Looking for someone skilled in the inventory side, but also able to lead
the team in
the shipping/handling/receiving department of the warehouse.
Working with refurbished phones, security camera's and office phones.
Familiar with material handling and warehouse procedures, Inventory,
Cycle counts, reconciling inventory and maintaining proper inventory levels.
Comprehensive knowledge of logistics/routing scheduling delivery methods.
Must have been in a lead or supervisor role previously leading the
warehouse team.
Good communicator with ability to follow verbal and written instructions
Comprehensive knowledge of warehouse operations.
Attention to detail with good monitoring and supervisory skills.
Working form 9-6 pm Monday - Friday
If you are a leader and have warehouse supervisor experience with Inventory
Management skills send your resume to