Thursday, January 15, 2015

Security Logging Engineer

We have an immediate requirement  for Security Logging Engineer in Apple’s Information Systems & Technology (IS&T) group. Following is the job description and will request you to let us know if you might be interested in pursuing this opportunity.

This is an immediate requirement and we can move to next steps pretty quickly.

Job Summary:
The security of systems and customer data is paramount to Apple. As we increase our logging scope, the data volume we process doubles each year. To address increased volume while maintaining data quality and systems processing this data, we are seeking a technical, detail oriented logging engineer to onboard new data sources, validate data routing, address data parsing, maintain systems, perfect automation code and liaison with vendors on technical matters including bugs, feature requests and beta releases. You will be optimizing data flows, validating end to end data quality and performing lifecycle maintenance of the infrastructure. Extraordinary attention to detail and outstanding troubleshooting skills are a must.

Key Qualifications:
-        Regular expression expertise: creating, modifying, and validating regular expressions to parse data
-        Scripting: write bash and python scripts for automation and system status monitoring
-        Version control: familiarity with using version control
-        Unix command expertise: proficient in unix commands like pgrep, awk, sed, xargs, nohup, etc.
-        System health monitoring: understand what is in /proc and how to use the data
-        Excellent oral and written skills

Additional Qualifications:
-        ArcSight Connector
-        ArcSgiht Logger
-        Splunk Searching and Reporting
-        Splunk Knowledge Objects

-        BS or greater in Information Systems or related field
-        5+ years experience in key qualification areas

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