Thursday, June 25, 2015

Burners Without Borders Program Manager

The Burners Without Borders (BWB) Program Manager is responsible for administering the civic engagement program of Burning Man. This role will primarily work with the Burning Man community and affiliates to build strong communities by facilitating civic projects that make a positive and lasting impact.  These projects will focus on community resiliency, and when applicable, disaster relief programs. 
The Program Manager is responsible for sourcing, developing and managing special projects and partnerships with the Burning Man community and beyond, including corporate, philanthropic, governmental and other nonprofit organizations globally.  
This role will prioritize new potential ventures according to their alignment with the mission of the organization.  A key part of this role will also be providing input into the systems that are used organization-wide for this purpose.
The successful candidate will work collaboratively with staff, volunteers, partners, and the greater Burning Man community.  This role will collaborate on organizational initiatives and support best practices from the nonprofit sector.

  • Work with former BWB Director to develop 3-5 year strategic plan for BWB 
  • Work in collaboration with the BWB advisory board to strengthen the effectiveness of BWB.
Community Grant Program
  • Review proposals, consult & advise funding potential new projects. Analyze the success of projects; support projects as needed.
Community Engagement 
  • Source, develop and manage special projects and collaborations with the broader community.
  • Responsively filter opportunities and inquiries for potential fit with organizational goals and explore feasibility across factors such as mission alignment, budget, priority, etc.
  • Proactively build upon existing and potential prosperous relationships with city officials, government agencies and community members to find new opportunities and further the mission of the organization 
  • Work with the Burning Man community to facilitate projects through the regional contacts as well as other outside entities, and with the donor community to enhance fundraising efforts.
  • Support Burning Man Arts & Special Events, as requested, discovering ways to tie BWB-style projects into other avenues of Burning Man departments.
  • Travel to research the possibility and viability of new BWB engagement projects.
  • In collaboration with the Arts & Civic Engagement Communications Specialist, manage communications for BWB including content for the website and all social media channels.
  • Support and participation where appropriate in the representation of BWB at speaking engagements and to government, legal, press, affiliates, commercial and other applicable outside agencies and entities. 
  • Attend outside community & planning meetings as needed to represent BWB volunteers and mission.
  • Provide content to the Fundraising Director with statistics and outcomes of BWB activities.
  • Represent BWB at fundraising events when appropriate
  • Budgetary Management 
  • Input and collaboration on department annual budgets
  • Manage projects on time and on budget
  • Properly allocate resources
  • Monthly tracking and management of expenses to budget. 
  • Decision-making or participation in decision-making for requesting, assigning, and carrying out spending related to department budgets.
  • Work with former BWB director to transition BWB from fiscally sponsored program to a Burning Man Program.
  • Work with the former BWB director to transfer and organize digital and physical filing systems, including a locally-shared file server, files on Google Drive, on-site file cabinets, and long-term offsite storage of boxed records.  
Participation in Meetings and Management Processes 
  • Attend meetings and retreats for executive staff, management staff and general staff.  Prioritize action items and deliverables with staff as appropriate and needed.
  • Attend, and manage when appropriate, weekly department meetings, report-outs and deliverables.
  • Present at BMP Board meetings as needed.
  • Cultivate positive relationship with both the BWB Advisory Board and the BWB Board Member Representative-maintaining communication with both parties so that each can represent and support BWB to the best of their abilities. 
Black Rock City BWB Camp 
  • Design and participate in planning meetings in collaboration with BWB camp leaders pre-playa that will create the conditions for BWB camp to engage Burning Man participants on playa.
  • Create programmatic activities that motivate participants and promote civic engagement activities off-playa. 
  • Oversee and participate in construction of BWB camp pre-event. 
  • During the event, lead BWB program activities that may include giving talks at other camps. 
  • Manage day-to-day activities of camp. Responsible for striking camp and LNT
  • Documentation - Assists in the creation, publishing, and maintenance of process documentation related to assigned duties
  • Knowledge sharing - Helps acculturate and educate staff and volunteers in Burning Man culture and business processes
  • Training development - Collaborates with the education team to develop training materials in the appropriate areas of expertise, training and development ideas for community members
  • Learning - Pursues ongoing learning in areas of expertise and storytelling, working to stay current on emergent knowledge of Burning Man's culture,  Arts & Civic Engagement and the Ten principles.
  • Speaking - Represents Burning Man as a subject matter expert and culture-bearer

  • Other general duties and responsibilities as assigned/needed.

  • Four-year college degree.  A graduate degree is also preferred but not required
  • 3-5 years of experience in management, including knowledge of reading financials, developing budgets, and personnel management
  • Proven ability to build community alignment around ideas
  • Strong project management and organizational skills, including ability to influence people and functions. Track progress to meet deadlines and manage budgets and resources.
  • Strong expertise and professional experience in opportunity assessment, and partnership building
  • 3-5 years of experience in management, including knowledge of reading financials, developing budgets, and personnel management
  • Proven ability to leverage emerging opportunities to source, develop and manage special projects and partnerships with the broader community
  • Strong influencing and motivating skills, including buy-in and consensus building among all levels of the organization
  • Understanding of non-profit structures, best practices
  • Demonstrated capacity for strategic planning and “big picture” thinking
  • Ability to lead cross-functionally and with external partners and affiliates 
  • Excellent communication skills, including highly effective writing, interpersonal communication, conflict resolution skills, and public speaking experience
  • Demonstrated ability and true understanding of working collaboratively with all levels of staff and teams in a very collaborative organization.  This includes a deep understanding and experience with delegation management principles and practices.
  • Understand and support of core Burning Man philosophies, in order to effectively uphold policies related to the maintenance of these philosophies
  • At least 2 years participating in the Burning Man event, preferably at some volunteer level or exposure to organizational infrastructure.
  • Cheerful, professional demeanor conducive to representing Burners Without Borders to a wide variety and level of staff, volunteers and board members, local community members, and outside contacts at events and functions.
  • Ability to adjust schedule seasonally to work at the Burning Man event held in Nevada
  • Ability to travel as needed
  • Experience speaking as a liaison to the Press and outside entities.

  • Valid Drivers’ License and clean driving record

Off-playa:  Work is primarily sedentary in nature with no special demands required.
On-playa:  Work is very active, including lifting objects weighing 30 pounds.  May involve climbing ladders and using power tools. The work is in outside weather conditions with exposure to fumes or airborne particles as well as extremes in temperature.

This position is a regular, full-time role eligible for benefits, working in BMHQ in San Francisco, CA and in Gerlach, NV around the Burning Man event.
Burning Man is an equal-opportunity employer.