Monday, August 3, 2015

Security Analyst

Security Analyst
San Francisco, CA
6+ months

Solid Experience web content and with Security Devices used to protect web sites. Seeking a senior engineer to study the problem and craft specialized strategies to deter attackers. With a good understanding of the threat model and business dynamics of the attacker it is sometime possible to craft specialized responses that impact the attackers more significantly than mere deflection. This requires some significant skill in constructing threat models, developing game theory, and iterative experimentation. The role is ideal for a security architect working on web sites who talk about custom tools and approaches, not those who recite the OWASP top ten. Analyzes security events to determine security efficacy, impact on visitor experience, and attacker trends. Depending on the current security posture this function might occur weekly, daily, or even continuously in real time. The required skill set includes a good understanding of web content, the Enterprise website, and attention to fine details. Experience with website operations and development teams based on interest. Candidate will need significant understanding of web content required to be successful; security back around also necessary but not as important as web content. Data Scientist Value might be found by correlating the data from the Security Device with other threat/fraud data already collected by the Enterprise. The skill required set is a function of the SIEM/Fraud tools that the Enterprise already uses. Common tools include Splunk, ArcSight, and Web application Firewalls

If this position is not a fit for you, but you are on the market for a new opportunity, please let me know what you are looking for as we have a number of different opportunities that may be better suited for your background. I would prefer that you respond via e-mail, however, please include the best phone number to reach you.  In considering candidates, time is of the essence, so please respond as quickly as possible and let me know your interest.
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