Friday, October 30, 2015

Senior Frontend Web Developer

Job Title: Senior Frontend Web Developer
Location: San Francisco, CA
Duration: 12 months+

Job Description: 
As a Senior Front End Web Developer, you will be responsible for creating, maintaining and prototyping highly interactive web applications for a very large customer facing internet site. You will be required to have advanced knowledge of JavaScript/ JQuery, HTML5 and CSS3 and will work with a team of web application developers to build and maintain new and redesigned applications. You will work closely with server-side developers as well as visual and interaction designers to develop usable, accessible, and standards-compliant code. You will also be responsible for contributing to documentation and providing instructions to various development teams. You will be expected to develop and enhance your skills as new standards and technologies surface and will be given opportunities to apply those skills on multiple projects.

Protocols HTML - Intermediate 7-8 Currently Using 
Protocols JavaScript - Expert 9-10 Currently Using 
Additional Skills: jQuery, MVC patterns

  • Online user experience, hoping to rewrite/update the entire platform from the front to the back end and everything in the middle all is being updated/changed
  • Heavy programming /understand design
  • JQuery is the foundation, so strong experience in that is very important but Angular Grunt, and other open source frameworks
  • Single web page application/responsive design experience is preferred
  • Savvy JavaScript/JQuery experience
  • All JavaScript/CSS/HTML with Java Backend, entire UI is written in JavaScript (very complex java based applications) so Java or .NET experience is okay as it pertains to application development but not a requirement. NOT java developers that have done some front end work, need a front end guy that can ramp up quickly
  • Strong communication skills Agile project/work with other team members and collaborate heavily

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