Thursday, November 19, 2015

Incident Manager/Malware Engineer

Incident Manager/Malware Engineer
Los Angeles, CA
Fulltime / Permanent

Position Overview
This individual will be responsible for monitoring the company’s cyber security tools. The role also includes investigating and responding to cyber security incidents. The incumbent will also be responsible for the maintenance of a malware analysis laboratory.

Essential Job Functions
·         Investigate network intrusions and other cyber security breaches to determine the cause and extent of the breach.
·         Support and maintain a malware analysis laboratory
·         Prepare, write, and present reports and briefings.
·         Thoroughly investigate instances of malicious code to determine attack vector and payload.
·         Conduct reverse-engineering for known and suspected malware files, when needed.
·         Participates in forensic projects as required, including collection, preservation of electronic evidence.
·         Preserve and analyze data from electronic data sources, including laptop and desktop computers, servers, and mobile devices.
·         Preserve, harvest, and process electronic data according to the company’s policies and practices on an as necessary basis.

Required Skills
·         1-5 years’ experience with reverse engineering software binaries.
·         3-5 years’ experience with incident response.
·         Strong verbal and written communication skills, fluent in English.
·         Well-developed analytic, qualitative, and quantitative reasoning skills and demonstrated creative problem solving abilities.
·         Strong work ethic and motivation.
·         Proficiency with forensic techniques and the most commonly used forensic toolsets, such as dtSearch, EnCase, and FTK Suite.
·         Experienced with reverse engineering tools such as IDA Pro, OllyDbg, and other similar toolsets.
·         Documented ability to reverse engineer undocumented binary software.
·         Strong shell, C, C++ and/or Java programming skills and proficiency in Assembler languages.
·         In-depth understanding of operating system kernels, advanced protection mechanisms, device drivers, and/or compilers.
·         Proficiency with MS Office Applications, and familiarity with Windows, Macintosh and Linux operating systems.
·         Must be able to work collaboratively across divisions and physical locations.
·         Familiarity with computer system hardware and software installation and troubleshooting.
·         Ability to deal with fast-paced and stressful situations. 

Education & Work Experience Required
·         BS Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Computer Information Systems, Information Systems, Computer Systems Engineering, or equivalent education and experience.

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Recruitment Team – North America
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