Wednesday, June 29, 2016

MQ Architect

Job Description:

1. A strong candidate will have experience with MQ application and infrastructure architecture, multi-platform MQ infrastructure administration (including MQ clusters), MQ application development (multiple APIs), and soft skills to drive adoption of best practices.
2. Establish and leverage a strong understanding of the end-to-end MQ application architecture for critical business transactions to ensure Client provides high quality infrastructure services. (i.e. Help identify risk and opportunities to improve single points of failure, capacity / scalability risk, resiliency risk; Proactively partner with Partner and application teams to ensure future solutions meet business needs.)
3. Provide thought leadership to identify and ensure adoption of MQ infrastructure configuration best practices and MQ application development best practices. (i.e. Help identify practices with the highest impact to MX stabilization. This should incorporate Client standards, Platform Tech Lead engagement and industry best practices. Help establish and support efforts to foster adoption and governance related to best practice and standards. Provide a strong feedback loop to Clients.)
4. Leverage expert level knowledge of MQ configuration to evaluate and improve current and future MQ infrastructure. (i.e. Identify problem trends, root cause and solutions to prevent outages and improve time to restore service.)
5. Ability to interface and have succinct conversations with Senior Business and Technical Leadership in a language they can easily understand.
6. Bi-lingual is a plus.

Tom Mlodozeniec
44 Wall Street 18 floor
New York, NY 10005
(212) 384-6571