Friday, July 29, 2016

Information Security Analyst

Location: Boston, MA
Type: 2 month C2H
Rate/Salary: OPEN
Department: IT Assurance
Start Date: Aug 15th
  • Onsite interview to meet with the team of 4
  • Second round onsite interview to meet rest of team members - Decision 
Job Description
Responsible for the design, evaluation, implementation, maintenance and monitoring of security systems to ensure the protection of the data from unwarranted access and changes.
Participate in the development of security practices, policies and strategies to mitigate risk and the prevention, detection and resolution of security incidents for the entire ITS computing infrastructure including networks, servers, databases, applications, systems and end user devices.
Promotes and delivers security-related training, documentation and awareness and provides guidance and work direction to other groups performing security-related tasks Senior Information Security Analyst
  • Highly developed problem-solving skills with the ability to solve problems with unknown parameters.
  • Knowledge of applicable information security standards (e.g. ISO).
  • Experience with forensic security investigations.
  • Technical knowledge in multiple domains of information security including policy development, access control systems, telecommunications, network and
    Internet security.
  • Knowledge of operating system security for servers and desktops as well as network and application security.
  • Working knowledge of state and federal regulations and laws governing data security and confidentiality.
  • Knowledge of intrusion/detection/prevention systems.
Looking for:
  • Someone who knows Security, smart, learn, coding and scripting experience
  • Doesn't need education industry experience
  • Want to be able to work with other team members and cross functional teams
  • If JR. BC offers a degree in Cyber Security (Masters)
  • CISO who wants to be more technical and not a CISO any further
  • Interviewed 2 people who came out of Audit side - both nice but not technical

Jake Tucci
Technical Recruiter, Mondo
(617) 979-1604
Boston, MA 02114