Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Senior Security Analyst

Position: Senior Security Analyst 
Location: Dublin, CA
Duration: Full Time

The Sr. Security Analyst position is responsible for log analysis, log tuning and incident response related activities for Ross corporate and
stores environment. Successful candidates will have experience and a solid working understanding of network and end point security including intrusion
detection systems, VPNs, Host security solutions, Malware analysis, risk mitigation, Log aggregation, log tuning, and UTM's. An understanding of IP
networking, such as routers, routing protocols and switches and OWASP for web vulnerability investigations is needed. Position requires oversight of
organizational responsibilities to meet or exceed business objectives and SLA's and also requires individual to develop and document new procedures
and standards as required by business activities.
  • Monitor all network and end-points within ROSS environment and provide incident response support. Track, document and update the incidents in a timely manner and not exceeding the SLA's.
  • Analyze the cross-functional process and propose improvements. Collaborate with vendors and cross-functional teams effectively.
  • Continuously tune the log aggregation and correlation system to reduce the false positives and improve effectiveness in detecting incidents. Experience with SEIM or MSS is necessary.
  • Discuss findings with respective teams and getting alignment on improvement is a must.
  • Collect and design metrics related to security operations and incident response. Meetings with respective teams to get alignment on the changes.

*         Planning
*         Communication

*         Listening
*         Problem Solving

*         Customer Focus
*         Approachability
  • Experience with Network security tools such as NAC, Antivirus, File Integrity Management, Intrusion Presentation, Network Firewalls, Application Firewalls, Web Proxy, WAF, Logging & Monitoring, and DLP.
  • Experience with Malware detection tools (i.e. Fire Eye NX, EX, HX etc.), Anti-Virus and host anomaly detection tools for investigation and remediation.
  • Experience with security event response from key security products and services (network traffic analysis, PC forensics, kill chain, windows event analysis, etc...)
  • 3 years of experience with Information/Network security/Security operations. Total of 5 years IT experience is needed.
  • Experienced incident management, evidence handling and communication protocols.
  • Solid base experience with security fundamentals (policies, encryption)
  • Able to partner with management and technical staff to resolve complex security matters and critical policy creations.
  • Effectively identify, communicate, and remediate risks to the environment.
  • Able to work independently and creatively solve complex technical problems.
Must to Have: Incident Response Experience

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