Thursday, April 27, 2017

Cyber Security Engineer

 Cyber Security Engineer
 Washington, DC, United States
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HP ArcSight Administration
SIEM Operations
HP ArcSight Content development - co-relation rules and policy orchestartion
QualysGuard Vulnerability management
Qualysguard administration
VA operations, scan rules etc.
Genereal Role and Responsibilities
Use Case Requirement gathering,
 - Dataset and Datafield mapping
- Anomaly identification
- Maintaining and managing the threat intelligence platform
- Threat briefings to Client
- Incident Response
- Management and configuration of Vulnerability Management (VM) platform
- Scheduling and running Infrastructure
- Preparing security advisories and defining the severity levels for the vulnerabilities
- Scanning, validation and reporting of vulnerabilities on daily and monthly basis
- Preparing monthly security reports for the management

ArcSight Content Development:
- Log Sanity and Operational Assessment
- Development of Fraud Monitoring rules
- Development of Cloud Monitoring rules
- Generate and Schedule Ad-hoc reports
- Development of use cases for security monitoring
- Fine tuning the use cases and improve on the alerting mechanism
- Participate in new integrations with ArcSight and determine effective ways for ingesting the logs in SIEM.

DaYa Shashtri
Work: +1-516-545-0716,
EROS Technologies Inc.