Monday, April 3, 2017

Security Engineer

Position: Security Engineer (Generalist)
Location: Mountain View, CA
Permanent Role


·         4+ years of relevant work experience on an internal security team, working both on the offensive and defensive sides of security
·         Hands-on experience triaging and understanding the root cause of security bugs
·         Experience performing application security assessments, and penetration testing
·         Self-motivated, proactive attitude with a security mindset
·         Experience in building/setting up security tools to automate recurring tasks
·         Ability to review logs from a security standpoint and identify anomalies
·         Development experience in Java, JavaScript and/or Python
·         Experience performing source code reviews
·         [Bonus] Strong background in software development and engineering
·         [Bonus] Demonstrated experience contributing or collaborating with Open Source projects
·         [Bonus] Participation in Bug Bounties

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