Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Information Security Engineer

Role: onsite Information Security Engineer
Location: Boise, Idaho
Type of Hire: Contract
Duration: 3-6 months (extn)
Work Auth: Any
Information Security Engineer helps ensure our environment and practices are designed to enhance business stakeholder and client confidence. This requires a balance of business objectives with protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information and assets.  This highly collaborative individual works with top tier technical talent to coordinate identification and mitigation of risks, actively participating in technical and nontechnical tasks as needed.
Role and Responsibilities 
·         Support, participate, and at times coordinate activities related to risk assessment, review of security status, audit preparation, disaster recovery planning and business continuity planning
·         Monitor and review current security controls including adherence to configuration baselines, access management, standards, and process then produce required reporting and metrics.
·         Responsible for tracking, following up with contributors, and evidencing the Vulnerability Management and related remediation efforts to ensure the timely closure of issues
·         Produce root cause analyses on identified security gaps
·         Collaborate to provide recommended strategies, cost breakdowns, implementation tasks and timelines for risk mitigations
·         Participate on projects to ensure security controls are built into solutions or provided through Third Party solutions
·         Advise on security best known methods and best practices across technology silos and at different levels of the OSI model
·         Participate and Follow-up on Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery program with regular tests to ensure effectiveness and resiliency relied upon to maintain client SLAs and critical business functions.
Desired Skills
·         Technical proficiency in common desktop, infrastructure and related management and monitoring technologies
·         Demonstrated experience with 
Ø  Directory services, identity management / federation and SSO tools and functionality.
Ø  Firewall technology and rules
Ø  Endpoint security hardening
Ø  Risk and vulnerability assessment tools and analyzing the reports generated from these assessments
Ø  Security frameworks and security related methodologies
·         Able to discuss and document technical information in a way that helps guide technicians
·         Must be results oriented, self-motivated, able to manage multiple priorities, and deliver on-time with high quality
·         High levels of discretion and integrity in the conduct of personal and professional affairs that can be supported by background checks and references
·         3+  years of experience in information security or system administrator experience with at least one year of experience in InfoSec
·         Information security, Systems Engineering and Administration certifications preferred
·         Bachelor’s degree (or the equivalent) in Mathematics, Engineering, Computer Science or another appropriate field
·         Ability to work off-shifts (evening, night-time, weekend) if necessary
Peter Gomes
E-Solutions Inc
2 N. Market St., #400, San Jose, CA - 95113
Desk:  408-827-9442
Email: peter.gomes@e-solutionsinc.com