Monday, October 9, 2017

Senior Information Security Analyst

Position               :: Senior Information Security Analyst
Location               :: San Jose, CA
Duration              :: Full Time

The Senior Information Security Analyst is responsible for reviewing alerts compiled from IT and Engineering systems, developing and documenting baselines used to identify anomalous behavior within the environment quickly. Identifying, researching, and responding to alerts from monitoring systems to remediate threats, supporting data collections regulations, researching compliance controls, documenting and reviewing standard procedures and evaluating and documenting access request changes.

• Develop security standards and processes that can be deployed and managed in an automated fashion for the various projects assigned.
• Plan and execute projects to implement security-oriented tools or services to handle the company resources and associated products.
• Must stay up to date on the latest security trends, vulnerabilities, privacy legislation, and news items and communicate new finding with other team members.
• Documents policies, procedures and standards based upon guidance from Corporate Security Management.
• Recommends changes in security policies and practices per changes in law or financial sector security practices.
• Ensures that data is protected from unauthorized modification, destruction, and disclosure. • System Auditing and monitoring of critical security systems: FIM, IPS/IDS, Event Logs.
• Perform risk assessments and test security controls and systems, including working with process owners to define remediation plans.
• Respond to critical computer security incidents by collecting, analyzing and preserving digital evidence.
• Answer user questions related to security technology and advice on the security impact of technical changes.
• Ensure that security policies are applied and maintained for network devices, remote access devices, firewalls, servers, and workstations.
• Research mechanisms and tools for control compliance.
• Conduct periodic audits of business entities to ensure continued compliance.
• Continuous monitoring and research of real-time alerts.
• Track and report on policy violations.
• Collaborate with other departments to ensure the timely delivery of audit materials on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.
• Manage repository for control documentation and update documents as needed.
• Perform internal control testing to validate the design and operating effectiveness and report results in the repository on a timely basis.
• Participate in post-mortem reviews and ensure lessons learned are integrated into the regulatory compliance process. Recommended Skills
• Experience with Linux, MacOS, Ubuntu, LDAP security configuration and design, monitoring/alerting, intrusion detection, encryption, vulnerability management and wireless network security.
• Ability to identify and recommend mitigations for vulnerabilities and exploits.
• Knowledge of Information Security principals and activities
• Ability to work with urgent deadlines.
• System administration experience is a plus.
• Project Management certifications a plus, but not required.
• Broad knowledge of IT and Cloud Engineering in mid to large organizations.

Required Skills 
• Experience with Firewalls, IDS/IPS, VPN, and other network security components from an evaluation, deployment assessment, and audit perspective.
• Knowledge and expertise with AWS & Azure
• 5+ years' experience in an Information Security role.
• A working knowledge of network infrastructure and security monitoring tools.
• Information Security certification required. Security certifications may include, but not be limited to CISSP, CISA, CISM, GSEC, Security+, and CEH.
• Experience with threat assessment, vulnerability analysis, risk assessment, information gathering, correlating and reporting
• Ability to manage changing workloads while maintaining a sense of priorities and delivering quality service within required timeframes
• Ability to learn new technologies and applications and apply that knowledge to daily workflows
• Attention to detail, organized and able to work and research independently.
• Demonstrated adaptability, analytical and problem-solving ability, and attention to detail.

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