Monday, November 20, 2017

IT Security

Job description:
This role has responsibility for the Infrastructure Security Services, engineering and operations. The four primary Services behind Security Area are Compliance Security Baseline, Security Event Management, Host and Networking Monitoring, Vulnerability Data Collection. Most of these services will be sourced internally as a part of Enterprise Infrastructure strategy.

Location: Coppell, TX

1. Support and manage the Operation Services in ISS based on Service Management process (IM/CM/PM/ConfM/Fulfillment).
2. Participate in the creation, design of new security services and technologies by providing input on operational needs.
3. Maintain the Technology updated based on best practices (Patch Management).
4. Participate in the creation of a Technical Plan (new Security Technology, new deployment, etc.) to incorporate new technologies in the operation services.
5. Manage the approval from move to Production Technologies (PTO) and Change Coordinator (execution role) of Operation Technologies.
6. Proactively identify deficiency in the Security Services.
7. Follow recommendations and document ISS Operation results.
8. Responsible to maintain updated of documentation from Services Support.
9. Follow and engage the actual results from auditing compliance with all operation processes.
10. Attend a Critical Situation Management for support application
11. Maintain and operate the SLA in Infrastructure Services
12. Partners with different Domains to support Security Services (TRM, Network, Risk and Compliance, etc.)
13. Vendor Management for Operations including Service Quality and Performance Monitoring

1. Bachelor's degree in Social Sciences, Business Management, Computer Science, MIS, or related field, or related professional experience.
2. ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure library) certification
3. 5+ years experience in Information Technology
4. Must have strong, demonstrable experience in Security engineering, design, and implementation
5. Must have strong, demonstrable experience with Vulnerability, Privilege Access Management, Cloud Security, Security Tools support and implementation, and/or network security.
6. Knowledge of security policy and procedures
7. Experience working with internal auditors
8. Minimum of 1 years' experience working on Cloud Security initiatives
9. Ability to develop solutions within a complex operational environment
10. Minimal knowledge team/project management/networking abilities bringing together groups from different areas of the business . 

Jeff Kushner
44 Wall Street 18th Floor
New York, NY 10005
(212) 306-0196