Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Stroz Friedberg openings

Stroz Friedberg is part of Aon Cyber Solutions – a group that brings together cyber experts across Aon’s business units to help clients manage the financial and technical aspects of cyber risk holistically. As one of the largest brokers of cyber insurance in the world, Aon is a leader in risk quantification and transfer services. Stroz Friedberg offers the ability to react to cybersecurity incidents, proactively assess digital risk, and remediate technical vulnerabilities. Together, Aon Cyber Solutions is uniquely positioned in the market to provide a comprehensive set of services to assess, test, improve, quantify, transfer, and respond to cyber risks. 

Available Positions:
Sr. Consultant, Proactive Advisory Services
Locations: New York, Boston, Washington DC, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco

Vice President, Digital Forensics & Incident Response
Locations: Washington DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco

Sr. Analyst, Threat Intel 
Locations: Remote or any US office

Full-Stack Software Developer
Locations: New York, Washington DC