Monday, February 5, 2018

Information Security Analyst

Job Title: Information security analyst
Company: Xoriant Corporation.

Please send me your updated resume and contact details at or call me at 408-550-1269.

Job Description:
Skills - Information Security Analyst
Location - Santa Clara, CA
Duration - 6 -12 months

Develops and executes security controls, defenses and countermeasures to intercept and prevent internal or external attacks or attempts to infiltrate company email, data, e-commerce and web-based systems.
Researches attempted or successful efforts to compromise systems security and designs countermeasures.
Maintains hardware, software and network firewalls and encryption protocols.
Administers security policies to control physical and virtual access to systems.
Provides information to management regarding the negative impact on the business caused by theft, destruction, alteration or denial of access to information and systems.
Survey Tip: May be internal or external, client-focused, working in conjunction with Professional Services and outsourcing functions. May include company-wide, web-enabled solutions. Individuals whose primary focus is on developing, testing, debugging and deploying code or processing routines that support security protocols for an established system or systems should be matched to the appropriate Programmer or Programmer/Analyst family in the Information Technology/MIS functional area.

Aditya Mujumdar