Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Security Analyst

Work Location :  Rochester, NY
Start Date         :  08/23
Duration            :  6-12 months

Job Details :

Significant experience in Information Technology, which includes substantial experience in a risk management specialism.
 Understands and uses appropriate methods and tools and applications.
 Demonstrates analytical and systematic approach to problem solving.
 Takes initiative in identifying and negotiating appropriate development opportunities.
 Contributes fully to the work of teams.
 Can plan, schedule and monitor own work. Is able to absorb and apply new technical information.
Minimum  Is able to work to required standards and to understand and use the appropriate methods, tools and applications.
Minimum  Appreciates wider field of information systems, how own role relates to other roles and to the business.
Has a basic business knowledge and an understanding of current and emerging information and communications technologies and their level of maturity.
Minimum  Is able to obtain information from business people in face to face situations, and to analyze information on users occupational tasks obtained by a variety of formal and informal means.
Has an analytical and creative approach to problem solving.
Is familiar with the principles and practices involved in development and maintenance and in service delivery.
Minimum  Has good technical understanding and the aptitude to remain up to date with IS security and developments.
Minimum  Possesses a general understanding of the business applications of IT.
Minimum  Is effective and persuasive in both written and oral communication.
Demonstrates basic knowledge of information security principles.
Has experience in moderate to large technology implementations and background as an administrator of IT systems, databases, or processes.
Any one of the Certifications ;


Aman Aggarwal
Sr. IT Technical Recruiter
Noralogic Inc
6701 Democracy Blvd STE 300 Bethesda, MD 20817