Thursday, October 25, 2018

Security Specialist

Job Title: Security Specialist
Location: Foster City, CA
Primary Capability / Specialty: Security Consulting & Implementation / Security Monitoring & Analytics
Primary Skill: Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
  • Security Information and Event Management - Real time monitoring of ArcSight and Securonix consoles, email inbox, Client Threat Intel alerts 
  • Events and Incident triage and analysis 
  • False-positive and False-negative Analysis and verification 
  • Perform Incident Investigations 
  • Conduct root cause analysis for Priority 1 to identify changes in monitoring content, tuning, etc. 
  • Perform malware analysis using various tools. For example: analyzing system memory and/or logs using different tools. 
  • Acquire artifacts from a client or server during an investigation 
  • Recommend security monitoring or device tuning to reduce false positive detections 
  • Building of Phishing Campaigns 
  • Supporting Forensics data collection and High-Level incident research 
  • Supporting Malware analysis and recommendation 
  • Conduct Vulnerability assessment and exploit testing 
  • Perform Annual Penetration Testing using Metasploit and other security tools 
  • Safely and effectively exploit vulnerabilities to demonstrate proof of vulnerability

Rahul Kumar 
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