Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Sr. Security Analyst

Position:                        Security Analyst
Location:                       San Jose, CA
Duration:                       Contract
Client:                            eBay Inc.
Rate:                           Open (We are looking for qualified security professional)

eBay is seeking a CSIRT Analyst to join our highly visible Cyber Security Incident Response Team that provides Security Operations Center (SOC) support, cyber analysis, scripting and automation, and a 24x7x365 support staff. This specific position requires the ability to work Swing and/or Graveyard shifts with rotations into Day shift.

Working within eBay’s Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) you will have the opportunity to build innovative solutions to identify and mitigate information-security threats.  You will work collaboratively to creatively solve complex security problems in a heterogeneous environment.   With your contributions, we’re building the best security incident response team in the industry.  Your skills, vision, tenacity, and passion will help us defend and respond daily to keep eBay’s critical information assets away from threats and hackers.

Candidates must have extensive experience working with various security methodologies and processes, advanced knowledge of TCP/IP protocols, extensive experience providing analysis and trending of security log data from a large number of heterogeneous security devices.

Must demonstrate expert knowledge in one (1) or more of the following areas:
·         Vulnerability Assessment and Pen Testing, Intrusion Prevention and Detection, Access Control and Authorization, Policy Enforcement, Application Security, Protocol Analysis, Firewall Management, Incident Response, Encryption, Web-filtering, Advanced Treat Protection, Email Security, Digital Forensics, Monitoring and Detection, Cyber Intelligence Analysis.

Core Job Functions Include:
·         Investigations – Investigating computer and information security incidents to determine extent of compromise to information and automated information systems
·         Escalations – Responding to escalated notable events from security tooling to develop/execute security controls, Defense/countermeasures to prevent internal or external attacks or attempts to infiltrate company email, data, e-commerce and web-based systems.
·         Research – Researching attempted or successful efforts to compromise systems security and designs countermeasures.
·         Education - maintaining proficiency in tools, techniques, countermeasures, and trends in computer network vulnerabilities, data hiding and network security and encryption.
·         Communications – Provides information and updates to shift leads, creates pass-downs for next shift, work closely with supporting teams, provide feedback for new security policy and standards, engage with other teams and adjacencies through email and conference calls.
·         Digital Forensics – As it relates to information systems, performs HR investigations and legal holds in a forensically sound manner. Consults with HR and legal subject matter experts to adhere to local country law
·         Coverage – Must be willing to perform shift work, weekends, and holidays as well as participate in a rotating shift consisting of four (4) 10 hour shifts with four days on, three (3) days off and possible rotations across Day, Swing, and Graveyard shifts as needed.

To be successful in this position, you should be proficient with:
·         Incident Response – Getting people to do the right thing in the middle of an investigation.
·         Offensive Techniques – Penetration testing, IOCs, and exploits at all layers of the stack.
·         Logs - you should be comfortable with a SEIM to be able to gather and analyze logs to recreate incidents and hunt for threats.
·         System Forensics – Basic understanding of image acquisition techniques, memory forensics, and the like.
·         Networking Fundamentals - TCP/IP Protocols (HTTP, DNS, FTP, DHCP, ARP, etc.), and Wireshark/TCPDump.
·         Scripting – Should be familiar in scripting in at least one of the following: python, perl or a similar language.
·         Risk Analysis – Taking a vulnerability in a particular environment and understanding the practical associated risk.

·         Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Information Technology, Cybersecurity, or related field.
·         Minimum three (3) years of professional experience in incident detection and response, malware analysis, or digital forensics.

Must have at least one (1) of the following certifications:
·         ISC2: CCFP, CCSP, CISSP
·         Cisco: CCNA, CCNP
·         CERT: CSIH
·         Offensive Security: OSCP, OSCE, OSWP and OSEE
·         Digital Forensics: EnCE, CB, MiCFE, ACE, GCFA, GCFE

In addition, minimum of one (1) year of specialized experience in one or more of the following areas:
·         Security Assessment or Offensive Security
·         Application Security
·         Security Operations Center/Security Incident Response
·         Cyber intelligence Analysis

Andy Paul
Technical Recruiter
Accelon Inc. 
Office: 925 399 0510